Perpetual Trial Mode


For a small law firm, we sure do try a lot of cases. We tried nine cases in 2015, with a record of four wins, four losses, and one draw. We tried nine more cases in 2016, with a record of six wins and three losses. In 2017, so far, we have tried two cases; one ended a mistrial in Orlando, and the other was a “win.”

Steve O’Hara participated in every one of those trials. He and Tiffany Jones tried two cases in 2015 and one case in 2016, winning two out of the three. Steve and JD Morgan tried two cases in 2015; one was a win and one was a draw. Steve and JD Morgan also tried two cases in 2016; one was a win and one was a loss. Steve and Peter Kellogg tried a case in 2015 and a case in 2016; both were wins. Steve and James Durstein tried a case in 2016 and won the case. Steve and Jeri O’Hara tried a case in Tallahassee in 2016 and won the case. Steve and Mike Regan tried a case in January 2017 and won the case.

Yes, we are in perpetual trial mode.

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