Defense Verdict in Product Liability Lawsuit


In a three-week February 2018 jury trial, Michael Regan successfully defended the at-fault driver in a products liability trial.  The Plaintiffs were the parents of a minor child who brought a lawsuit on her behalf, as well as derivative claims for loss of parental consortium.  They sued Mike’s client alleging that she was negligent in making a left turn in front of the plaintiffs’ vehicle, resulting in a “t-bone” collision with a very violent impact.  They sued a car seat manufacturer, alleging that the car seat was negligently designed and marketed as safe for children such as the young girl who was severely injured in this crash.
This lawsuit resulted in a total defense verdict.  Mike admitted that his client was negligent and was a cause of the accident, but argued that she was not a legal cause of loss, injury, or damage to the Plaintiffs.  The jury agreed and returned a verdict in favor of his client.

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