James Durstein’s Defense Verdict Affirmed on Appeal

In March 2016, after a five-day jury trial in which the Plaintiff’s attorneys asked the jury to award their client over $5 Million in damages, the jury came back with a full defense verdict, finding no negligence on the part of our client causing any injury to the Plaintiff.

The lawsuit arose out of an accident on the Dames Point Bridge involving three vehicles.  According to the Plaintiff (and the crash report), our client rear-ended the Plaintiff’s vehicle, pushing it into a third vehicle.  The Plaintiff claimed that she sustained a permanent injury to her neck as a result of our client rear-ending her vehicle, and claimed over $5 Million in damages.

James Durstein and Steve O’Hara argued to the jury that any injuries sustained by the Plaintiff were caused by her own negligence, and presented evidence throughout the trial to show that the Plaintiff actually slammed into the back of a pickup truck before our client’s vehicle rear-ended the Plaintiff’s vehicle.   The First District Court of Appeal recently affirmed the trial judge’s orders denying the Plaintiff’s various post-trial motions seeking to overturn the verdict.

Congratulations, James Durstein.

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