James Durstein and Ray Roebuck win Defense Verdict in Marion County in Case with Admitted Liability

James Durstein (first chair) and Ray Roebuck won a full defense verdict in Marion County in January 2024, after four days of trial. The Plaintiff was a 33-year-old man who claimed permanent injuries to his low back and neck caused by a rear-end accident in 2018. The Plaintiff asked for more than $900,000 during closing argument.

This was a rear-end accident for which our client admitted she was negligent and caused the accident. The Plaintiff went to the ER after the accident and continued with chiropractic treatment as well as pain management injections. We presented evidence of some pre-accident chiropractic treatment, as well as some surveillance footage of the Plaintiff at work. We also presented expert testimony from an orthopedic surgeon, and obtained some crucial admissions and concessions during cross-examination of the Plaintiff’s expert and treating doctors.

The Jury answered “No” to the threshold question of whether our client’s negligence caused an injury to the Plaintiff, awarding no damages.

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