James Durstein, Brian Guter, and Jeri O’Hara win in Saint Johns County

In March 2024, a Saint Johns County jury reached a Verdict after four days of trial, finding no permanent injury and no future medical expenses were caused by the accident, awarding $26,220 in total damages – consisting of past medical expenses for about three months of medical treatment. The Plaintiff was a 65-year-old woman who claimed our clients caused permanent neck and back injuries after a 2020 car accident in downtown St. Augustine. Our clients admitted fault for the rear-end accident. We contested causation, permanency, and damages. The Plaintiff did not have any medical history of any similar claimed injuries or treatment before the accident.

The Plaintiff was represented by a prestigious local law firm, and her attorneys asked for more than $1.2 Million during closing argument. During the defense closing argument, James Durstein asked the jury to award $26,220, which was the amount the jury ended up awarding in its Verdict.

The defense is expected to pursue reimbursement of attorneys’ fees and costs based on the Verdict. We are very happy for our clients.

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